3 common myths about ordering wine in Singapore, debunked

A wine list should not be a big scary volume of text to have to decipher over a dinner date. Yet, for the casual drinker, it can spell confusion and sometimes takes the fun out of a meal.

Yes, the world of wine is vast and complex – but that doesn’t mean ordering something to drink with dinner has to be. All you need is a little help from the experts.

The sommelier’s job is to make your wining and dining experience as enjoyable as possible. All you have to do is ask.

Wes Guild, Wine Director at The Drinkery and Group Manager at the Red Door Group, agrees. “There are never any questions too big or too small,” said the former General Manager of CUT and Spago Singapore. “I try to bring wine down to earth so everyone at the table feels comfortable.”

And don’t you worry about looking “stupid” in front of your date. Remember: Your sommelier has put in the hours. Wine discipline is a complex exercise in world history, chemistry, viticulture, wine-making, geology, geography, language, culture, tasting, nosing, service… If your date expects you to know all that just because, well, it might be a better idea to find someone else to enjoy the wine with.

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