Wine Education

The world of wine can be a complex place to navigate. The large scale profiles of wines available are so vast, it is often daunting when deciding what to buy, what food pairing to choose or what best suits the desired palate. 

For easy-to-digest basic wine knowledge, we've created this Wine Education feature to allow consumers to understand what they're buying, learn the basics of wines and offer something that can be bookmarked and easily lifted for future referencing. 

8 Common Types of Wine

There are 4 core types of white wines available, and 4 core types of red, as detailed below: 


Riesling - Floral, fruity and light with notes or citrus and peach, Riesling is light and sweet, but can also be dry. 




Cabernet Sauvignon - full bodied red wine with tastes of black currant, spices and black cherry, it is a very popular choice.


9 Core Wine Categories

1. Sparkling
2. Light Bodied Whites
3. Full Bodied Whites
4. Sweet Whites
5. Rose 
6. Light Bodied Reds
7. Medium Bodied Reds
8. Full Bodied Reds
9. Dessert Wines