Nals Margreid 'Penon' Pinot Bianco 2017

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South Tyrol, Italy

Amongst the estate’s large catalog of wines and grapes, as is the norm in the region, perhaps the most sought after and important are its Pinot Biancos. This Pinot Bianco is exclusively from grapes from the Penon vineyard, owned in Magrè, at a similar altitude but warmer and on a more flatland setting. Grapes from these older vines can deliver a more rounded and fruit forward wine. 

Peach, nectarines, lemon on the nose, fleshly pure white fruit on the palate and a finish that lingers and lingers.

Nals-Margreid work with 138 growers who farm 170 hectares in 14 different areas. The vineyards are found stretching from the town of Nals, between Merano and Bolzano in the regions’ North, to Margreid in the sunny South. The fruit provided by these growers (each with an average of 1 hectare) provides winemaker Harald Schraffl with the product from 14 of the most renowned areas in the Sudtirol. Elevations vary between 650 and 3000 feet and all benefit from the triple-whammy that the zone provides for quality viticulture: 300 days of sunshine, the protection of the Alps to the North combined with the warming influence of Mediterranean and big temperature swings between day and night.

Nals Margreid 'Penon' Pinot Bianco  2017
Nals Margreid 'Penon' Pinot Bianco  2017
Nals Margreid 'Penon' Pinot Bianco  2017